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As we get older our mobility may start to decrease due to our bones becoming weaker. With limited mobility, simple everyday tasks become difficult. One of them being bathing. The solution? Add a walk in tub to your Arizona home. These are a few of the best walk in tubs for seniors living in Arizona.

The Cube Walk in Bathtub

The cube walk in bathtub is perfect if you are looking to go from a shower to a tub in your Arizona home.  The tub can simply fit into the space of the shower stall due to its compact size.

The cube walk in bathtub may be tiny but it has great features to provide safe bathing. The tub has a non-slip floor, safety grab bars, a seat, and more.

This compact tub is great for Arizona seniors that have arthritis or joint pain as it has a full 16 jet hydrotherapy spa. Hydrotherapy relaxes your muscles and takes away that pain.

Access Walk in Bathtub


The access is the perfect walk in tub for seniors in Arizona that use a wheelchair. That’s right this walk in tub is wheelchair accessible. How? It allows the bather to slide transfer onto the seat rather than having to step into the tub. It also includes an aluminum safety grab bar and a quick draining system.

Acrylic Deluxe Walk in Bathtub


The acrylic deluxe is our best seller and a perfect walk in tub for Arizona seniors. It’s a perfect tub because not only does it have great safety features, such as a slip resistant floor and 2 safety grab bars, but it also includes great accessories to create a relaxing experience. A few of these features are a FM radio, a temperature controlled heater, and a full hydrotherapy spa.

These are just a few of the best walk in tubs for seniors living in Arizona. You can find other great models here.

Don’t let the task of bathing become difficult. Add a walk in tub to your Arizona home today!

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