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An Arizona walk in bathtub has many benefits. They help those with limited mobility, can help take away joint and arthritis pain, help take away stress, and more. Chromotherapy contributes to these benefits by balancing different energies inside of the body using color balance.


Chromotherapy works by choosing a certain color as a focus point. As you are focusing, the mind begins to relax. The lights run on a sequence, and each color has a different meaning. The color also effects how the body will feel.


If you are feeling tired, red is the color to focus on. Red will help you feel energized and also will increase your blood circulation.


Did you have a stressful day? Focus on purple or green. These two colors help your mind relax and take away those stressful thoughts.


If you are feeling down, choose orange. Orange helps you feel brighter along with reviving your nerves.


Are you simply just looking to relax? Blue is the color for you. Blue is the most relaxing color as it creates a calming atmosphere, taking away tension.


Chromotherapy will create a whole new bathing experience for you. Start enjoying it at your AZ home today.

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