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Independent Home just completed a walk in tub installation on December 12 for our customer Steve B. of Scottsdale. Learn about how the installation process works and how a tub with hydrotherapy can benefit you.

Our walk in tub installation process always starts with a pre-installation meeting with the customer. Our installation experts discuss with the customer what type of tub would best fit their needs, decide the best location, and discuss what type of finish should be added.

As our experts were discussing Steve’s options with him they found out that he was currently using a walk in shower. He liked that it was easy to get in and out of, but he didn’t like how it didn’t offer hydrotherapy. He was looking for a way to reduce his joint pain. Our walk in tubs have that capability.

Steve decided that the celebrity walk in bathtub model with hydrotherapy was the tub that he was looking for. He chose this model because it was simple, but he would be able to reduce his joint pain with the hydrotherapy spa. He simply just has to relax and turn the jets on. The jets move in a greater range of motion which will cause Steve’s circulation to increase. His increased circulation will allow his muscles to recover.

Steve had also chosen the celebrity because it had similar safety features that he was used to with his walk in shower. The features include a non-slip floor, a non-slip seat, and a low threshold for simple and safe entering and exiting.

It only took our experts one day to complete the installation. This included taking apart Steve’s old shower along with its foundation, bringing in the new tub, leveling each leg, connecting the plumbing, and making sure that no leaks would occur. What was unique with Steve’s installation was our experts had to reverse the plumbing. This allowed the door to be on the right side and not in front of the toilet. The final step of the installation process was building the finish. Steve requested to maintain the tile wall surround which was simple to do.

Steve could not be happier with his walk in tub. He is happy he decided to get a tub with hydrotherapy as his joint pain has become more manageable. If you are like Steve and are looking for a way to reduce your aches and pains, contact Independent Home today.

Arizona Hydrotherapy Tub Before

Steve’s previous walk in shower

Arizona Hydrotherapy Tub After

Steve’s newly installed walk in tub with hydrotherapy

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