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Are you struggling with moving around your Arizona home? Has bathing become difficult? By adding a walk in bathtub to your Arizona home, these tasks will become easier.

Has your mobility made it difficult to fully enjoy a bath or shower? A walk in bathtub is your solution. A walk in tub allows you to simply walk right into the tub. There are no ledges to step over, which eliminates falling. Also to keep the bather safe and comfortable there are non-slip floors, a built-in seat, and safety grab bars. With these safety features, you are able to maintain your independence and enjoy bathing again.

Walk in bathtubs do more than provide safety. They can actually benefit your health. Take away your arthritis and joint pain simply by soaking in the warm water. The warm water dilates your blood vessels and increases the circulation in the sore areas, giving them relief.

Another great reason to add a walk in bathtub to your Arizona home is it can help decrease stress. By enjoying the tub’s hydrotherapy massage features the body will start to relax. As the body relaxes, endorphins are released which decreases your stress levels. If you take a bath right before bedtime, the release of endorphins will also help you fall asleep easier and faster.


By adding a walk in bathtub to your Arizona home you can guarantee safety, relaxation, and health benefits. Contact Independent Home today and start enjoying the benefits.



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