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Independent Home recently just completed a walk in tub installation in Phoenix for our customer Lenny S. Check out the process and why adding a walk in tub with hydrotherapy to your Arizona home would be a great decision.

To start things off we had a pre-installation meeting with Lenny. The pre-installation meeting is where it is decided what type of walk in tub is best for the customer, where the tub should go, and what type of finish to add. At Lenny’s meeting he told us that he suffers from arthritis and restless leg syndrome. He wanted a tub that would help take away the pain. Our installation experts decided that the Celebrity Walk in Bathtub was the best option for Lenny.

Our celebrity model was the perfect choice for Lenny because of its hydrotherapy features. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to help decrease arthritis and muscle pain. Lenny’s pain will decrease each time he enjoys a deep massage provided by the air and whirlpool jets. The jets work in a greater range of motion, increasing circulation. With increased circulation, Lenny’s pain will decrease and his muscles are able to rehabilitate.

With restless leg syndrome and arthritis, it is difficult for Lenny to move around. His new walk in bathtub is able to help prevent a fall. The tub has an anti-slip floor, a 17” seat, and a low threshold for easy in and out access.

The installation only took a couple of days to complete which included taking out Lenny’s old bathtub and foundation, bringing in the new tub, leveling the legs, hooking up the plumbing, and testing for leaks. Our expert installers were able to maintain Lenny’s tiling around the tub area and completed the installation with clean lines and perfectly flush end panels.

Lenny is over the moon with his new walk in tub. He loves that every time he steps into the tub he is safe and feels like he has his own private spa. It has certainly helped with his arthritis and restless leg syndrome.

Are you suffering from arthritis or restless leg syndrome and looking to take away the pain? Add a walk in tub to your Arizona home by contacting Independent Home today.

Arizona Walk in Tub

Lenny S’ beautifully installed new walk in tub

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