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The installation experts at Independent Home just completed a walk in tub installation for Mr. Evanston of Sun City, Arizona. He was searching for a safe bathing solution for him and his wife. Independent Home was there to help. Here is his story.

Mr. Evanston began his walk in tub search a couple of months ago when it became difficult for him to enter his old tub. His wife had also been having difficulty and suffers from arthritis pain. Mr. Evanston wanted a tub that didn’t have an edge to climb over as well as could help his wife by reducing her joint pain.

Mr. Evanston came across Independent Home during his research and immediately liked what he saw. What stood out to him was our reviews on The Better Business Bureau, the lifetime guarantee that we offer, and the overall quality of our product. It wasn’t a difficult decision for Mr. Evanston to choose Independent Home for his walk in tub installation.

Mr. Evanston’s installation began with meeting with our experts for a pre-installation meeting. The meeting consisted of deciding what tub model would work best for Mr. Evanston and his wife, where the best location would be, and what type of finish would be added.

Our experts and Mr. Evanston decided on our celebrity walk in bathtub model. The celebrity was the best choice for the Evanstons because it is a simple model but had all of the features they were looking for including a low threshold for easy entering and exiting. They won’t have to continuously climb over an edge, putting themselves at risk for a fall. The tub also has a non-slip floor and 17” non-slip seat for extra safety.

To help with Mrs. Evanston’s arthritis pain hydrotherapy was added. Hydrotherapy is the use of water that is used to reduce both arthritis and joint pain. All Mrs. Evanston has to do is enjoy a deep, warm soak. The jets take care of the rest. They move in a greater range of motion which will increase Mrs. Evanston’s circulation. With increased circulation Mrs. Evanston’s bones will rehabilitate.

The Evanston’s walk in tub installation only took one day to complete. The process included removing the old tub and foundation, bringing in the new tub, making sure each leg was level, connecting the new plumbing, and making sure that no leaks would occur in the future. The last step of the installation was installing the finish with a clean wall surround.

The Evanston’s absolutely love their new walk in tub. They are able to bathe confidently and not worry about the risk of a slip and fall with the non-slip floor. Mrs. Evanston is able to do more activities that she enjoys as her arthritis pain is more manageable due to using hydrotherapy.

If you are looking for a safe bathing option contact Independent Home today.

Walk In Tub Sun City Before

The Evanston’s former tub

Walk In Tub Sun City After Installation

Mr. Evanston patiently waiting to show Mrs. Evanston their new walk in tub

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