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Independent Home recently competed a walk in tub installation in Phoenix for our customers Claire and Howard M. They were looking to replace their garden tub since they haven’t been able to use it in years as navigating the edge had become too difficult. We had the perfect solution for them.

Pre-Installation Meeting
Our installation process begins with a pre-installation meeting. The meeting consists of finding the perfect tub for our customer’s needs, finding the ideal location, and finding out what type of finish the customer wants.

When our experts discovered that Claire and Howard haven’t used their tub in years, they wanted to provide them with a tub they could not only use safely but wanted them to be able to relax as well. The celebrity walk in bathtub with hydrotherapy features was the perfect choice.

The safety features of the celebrity were what Claire and Howard were looking for. The tub has a wide door opening and a low edge allowing them to step in and out of the tub safely without hesitation. The celebrity model also features a non-slip floor and a 17” non-slip seat.

Claire and Howard chose to add hydrotherapy to their model. Hydrotherapy is the use of water to reduce joint and arthritis pain. Not only does it reduce the pain, it allows them to feel as if they have their own private spa.

After the pre-installation meeting it was time for our experts to prepare for the installation. The first step was taking out the unused tub. This involved disconnecting the old fixtures, plumbing, and taking out the foundation.

Our experts also customized and extended the left side of the door vertically, responding to the customers’ request.

It was time to bring in Claire and Howard’s new walk in tub. Our experts placed the tub where the couple had wanted it and made sure that the legs were level. They water supply was then connected and tested for any leaks.

The final step in the installation process was building the shelf around the tub. Claire and Howard had asked for a custom 12” wall with a clean finish that was separated from the window, allowing the window to be fully functional.

Customer Update

Claire and Howard are in love with their new walk in tub. They loved the quality of our craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are excited to be able to finally enjoy a tub again.

Contact Independent Home today to add a walk in tub to your Arizona home.

Claire and Howard's old garden bathtub

Claire and Howard’s old garden bathtub

Claire and Howard with their new walk in tub!

Claire and Howard with their new walk in tub!

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